application/pdfPhoto BookCoordinated response to emergency needs of IDPs, Returnees & host communities Echo funded life - saving multi sectoral project in Gedeo zone,SNNPR, Ethiopia03/12/20195MB
application/pdfPhoto Story of Teka GebreMichael Tigray Region Ethiopia 2013Teka GebreMichael, 67 years old is a farmer and father of seven children, three boys, and four girls. He looks after his fruit and vegetable garden located at Maydaero village of the Tigray region.18/02/2014609KB
application/pdfPhoto Story of Woldegerima Gebrehiwot Tigray Region EthiopiaHaleka, Woldegerima Gebrehiwot, 66 years old is a farmer and father of nine children, three girls and six boys. Woldegerima explains about the vegetable farm land that he is preparing to plant vegetables and fruits at Maydaero village of the Tigray region.18/02/2014789KB
application/pdfPIA ReportParticipatory Impacts Assessment (PIA) of Drought Reserve Areas in Guji and Borana Zones, Oromia Region13/02/20145MB
application/pdfPOTENTIAL 2019 outcome survey ReportUSAID’S Building The Potential of Youth activity (POTENTIAL) Report Of The 2019 Outcome Survey October 201903/12/2019834KB
application/pdfProject Terminal Evaluation ReportImproving access to water, sanitation and promoting child led hygiene practices in schools of ten most vulnerable woredas of South Wollo zone, Ethiopia.13/02/20141MB
application/pdfResearch PaperAssessment on POTENTIAL’s Youth Business Mentorship Program, Final Report Submitted to SCI by Leulseged Ahmed and Dr Girma Temam03/12/20191MB
application/pdfResearch PaperStudy on the State of Unsafe Migration in Ethiopia and the Contribution of Youth Development Projects to Mitigate the Problem by By Tamirie Andualem (PhD), Lead Consultant Abebaw Minaye (PhD) Abera Tibebu (PhD) Gemechu Deressa (PhD candidate) 03/12/20192MB
application/pdfSave the Children Centenary celebrationSave the Children hit the Centenary milestone this year. Save the Children in Ethiopia also celebrated this event in Addis Abeba last November. Here you can get a brief peek how the event went... 03/12/20198MB
application/pdfShaping a Healthy FutureSexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Project Photo book 05/09/201912MB
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