Health & Nutrition

application/pdfLessons Learned from the implementation of CHILD-SFP“By providing a nourishing meal to students in need, Save the Children through the funding of Global Partnership for Education, offers children the nutrition they need to concentrate in the classroom and become healthy adults. The project CHILD-SFP reaches more than 209,000 children in 5 regions of Ethiopia with its school feeding program. This brief shows the Lessons learned during the implementation period of the project from Dec. 2020-September 30, 2022”30/05/2023809KB
application/pdfFighting for Breath in Ethiopia A CALL TO ACTION TO STOP CHIFighting for Breath in Ethiopia A CALL TO ACTION TO STOP CHILDREN DYING FROM PNEUMONIA 13/11/2019497KB
application/pdfSNL Project close out event proceeding Saving Newborn Lives Dissemination and Closeout workshop proceeding 05/12/20172MB
application/pdfSNL 3 Project end evaluation finding presentation Demand Creation Strategy for MNCH-CBNC Final Evaluation Results05/12/20171MB
application/pdfSNL 3 project overview Saving Newborn Lives 3 project overview 05/12/20173MB
application/pdfENGINE Final Report 2011 - 2016Improving nutrition through multi-sectoral support: the ENGINE experience 03/02/20179MB
application/pdfENGINE Brief - ECCEngaging Communities through Enhanced Community Conversations03/02/20171MB
application/pdfENGINE Brief - SBCCIntegrated Social Behavior Change Communication to Improve Maternal, Infant, and Young Child Nutrition Practices03/02/20172MB
application/pdfENGINE Brief - Learning Implementing, Evaluating, and Adapting: ENGINE as a Learning Project03/02/20172MB
application/pdfENGINE Brief - WASHCommunity-Based Marketing and Sale of WASH Products: An ENGINE Approach to WASH for Nutrition03/02/20173MB
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