Young Voices Ignite Change in Wolkite: Meheret’s Story

Friday 6 October 2023


In the heart of Wolkite town, Ethiopia, the seeds of transformation are sown by the spirited actions of a remarkable 14-year-old, Meheret. Revealing the power children possess to shape their own destinies and confront global challenges head-on, Meheret's story captures the decisive impact of children’s agency. As a dynamic member of the zonal child parliament, she champions the rights of her peers and orchestrates change where it matters most. 

August 24th marked an extraordinary day as Meheret, in close collaboration with Save the Children, spearheaded a campaign that echoed far beyond its event horizon. The rallying cry was clear: to spotlight the challenging repercussions of climate change on children with disabilities. Backed by local government offices and the Gurage Development Association, the campaign served as an opportunity to create awareness in the community. Meheret's commitment to address climate change comes from a deep-seated belief in its disproportionate impact on the youngest and most vulnerable. Taking her passion to the soil, she plants trees in her neighborhood, leaving her own imprint to better the environment for future generations.  

Backed by the child parliament's compelling voice, Meheret is unrelenting in her advocacy, urging the government to implement concrete measures against climate change. Beyond the borders of Wolkite town, she stands united with her fellow parliamentarians, demanding resolute action from global leaders in the forthcoming AU (African Union) climate conference. Her efforts resonated with a splendid turnout that spoke volumes of a community united for change. Families, friends, and community leaders convened to witness a fusion of art, music, and emotional presentations that underscored the profound ramifications of climate change on children with disabilities and their world. 

Through Meheret's leadership, the campaign was not just an event; it was a masterpiece of empowerment. Children with disabilities, armed with newfound agency, animated the discussion, revealing the challenges they face due to climate change.  As the curtain drew on this remarkable event, Meheret's commitment echoed through the air – a promise to persist in her advocacy using every platform and opportunity alongside her friends.