Triumphing Over Hardship: The Story of Nebiyu

Friday 6 October 2023

Nebiyu, a 10-year-old boy from Ethiopia's Amhara region, faced economic hardship and lived with relatives while attending first grade. His mother's illness confined her to bed, making life challenging for the family. Despite the difficulties, Nebiyu excelled in Amharic, his favorite subject, and dreamed of becoming a doctor.

Nebiyu suffered severe corporal punishment inflicted by a close family member, resulting in a leg injury and his eventual drop out of school. He spent seven months in a hospital far from home, undergoing treatments to recover. Save the Children, collaborating with the Kebele administration in the area, provided support during this difficult time.

Nebiyu's sister now cares for him and attends to his medical needs. He told us that he longs to return to school in the coming year and enjoy spending time with friends, mostly playing football.