Save the Children marks Universal Children’s Day with Refugee Children

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Thousands attended the big and colorful events we organized on November 21 across five refugee camps in Somali and Beneshangul-Gumuz National Regional States. The events focusing on violence against children took place in five refugee camps in Dollo Ado and included traditional dance, drama and poems by children while in Beneshangul Gumuz, we celebrated through fun games for children, songs by pre-school children and a heartwarming musical performance by a group of men playing the Zumbara to the tune of which spectators warmly danced.

Senior representatives from UNHCR, ARRA and other organizations delivered messages on behalf of their organizations, celebrating the day with refugee children and the refugee community. Save the Children provided colorful t-shirts for participants along with brochures that aimed to educate the community about why we celebrate Universal Children’s Day every year.

The Universal Children’s Day celebration was made possible with generous funding from European Commission - Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection - ECHO. It also supports our child protection programming in Sherkole, Bambasi, Tongo and Tsore refugee camps across Bengeshangul -Gumuz National Regional State and Dollo ado refugee camps in Somali National Regional State. The program addresses the psychosocial needs of most vulnerable refugee children residing in the two camps.