Life in Displacement Camps: Hawlet and Hadera have something to say

Wednesday 21 June 2023

In the face of displacement and uncertainty, the indomitable spirit of Hawlet Ahmed and Hadera Ahmed shines through. These two sisters, aged 13 and 11, refuse to surrender their dreams. Despite the challenges they encounter in the Tehuledere Woreda displacement camp located in the Amhara region, they remain resolute in their determination to pursue education. 

With unwavering ambition to complete their primary schooling and embark on higher studies, they appeal to all supporters and the government to provide them with the opportunity to learn. Their father, Ahmed Hassen Indris, has endured unimaginable loss and devastation at the hands of an armed group that continues to attack civilians in North Shewa. Yet, amidst such tragedy, he remains steadfast in securing a brighter future for his children. Tirelessly advocating for improved access to education, not only for his daughters but also for all children in the displacement camp, his pleas have, unfortunately, fallen on deaf ears. 

Hawlet and Hadera are acutely aware of the challenges that beset them and their fellow displaced children. They find themselves trapped in an uncomfortable and unsafe environment, helplessly watching as their education and future slip away. Nevertheless, they cling tightly to hope. They understand that with adequate support and resources fro organizations like Save the Children, their dreams can be realized, leading to better lives. 

Their message resonates clearly: they require swift support to sustain their lives, continue their education, and access necessities such as water and healthcare. They do not seek charity; they seek an opportunity to thrive. And if given that chance, they will undoubtedly become beacons of resilience and determination, inspiring others in the face of adversity.