Africa Region Child Protection event held in Addis

Friday 5 June 2015

Save the Children in Ethiopia has organized an Africa-wide program learning event on Children Without Appropriate Care (CWAC) in Addis Ababa from April 20 – 23, 2015.

The program learning event on Children Without Appropriate Care attracted participants from 25 countries around the world

The event, held with a theme “Shaping our care reform work across Africa” aimed at shaping and moving forward the care reform work across Africa through setting strategic direction.

The care reform across Africa initiates to increase prevention and family support, family and community-based care options, effective child protection systems and decrease the number of children outside family care and social acceptance of violence against children.

“We can get together now, we could probably do something good in Africa and have something inspiring ideas for the coming three years in the strategy.” said Mrs. Charlotta Sterky, Deputy Secretary General/Chair of the Save the Children’s Child Protection Initiative.

CWAC Program best practices were presented to participants to promote care reform from institutional to family based care and strengthen child protection systems.

The participants also visited Save the Children’s child protection activities in Ethiopia. Florence Martin, Director of Better Care Network - an international NGO working on Child Protection and one of Save the Children’s implementing partners, described the event as a platform for learning and understanding what is working and what is not working across the Africa Region.

Some 114 participants attended the learning event.