Saving Newborn Lives (SNL-III) Closes

Wednesday 6 December 2017

SNL-3 was officially brought to an end at a close out and dissemination workshop conducted at Kaleb Hotel on November 23. The half-day event included remarks from Ekin Ogutogullari, Country Director for Save the Children, who said SNL-3 contributed hugely and provided input to the local and global evidence domain on newborn health and promoted Institutionalized and scale up of intervention. Ogutogullari added “The designing, piloting, evaluation and scaling up a demand creation strategy that uses the existing community structure was another major contribution.” Speaking on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health, Tina Asnake, Child Health Case team focal person stated, “The Ministry recognizes the contribution of SNL 3, particularly on developing newborn and child survival strategy, initiating CNBC, improving access and availability of Chlorohexidine (CHX) for cord care interventions, and developing demand creation strategy.”

Dr Yunis Musema, Senior MNCH Manager at Save the Children, gave a presentation highlighting the achievements of the project on three priority areas namely; strengthening delivery of newborn care interventions aimed at the three major causes of newborn deaths, improving community and household level ENC practices and care-seeking and increasing government and partner commitment for newborn health policies and programming.

Dr Yared Amare, an independent consultant, also presented the evaluation results of the demand creation strategy employed by the project. The event also included testimonies from Woreda health offices and Kebele Command Post representatives as well as a 10-minute summary video on the project.

To read the full event report and refer to the presentations from the day, please click here.