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Tuesday 8 February 2022

Momina Counting the Cash she had received during the cash distribution

Momina Hasliye (40), a mother of eight, fled her hometown, Gebre Issie, earlier this year. She sought to escape the ethnic violence in areas bordering Somali and Afar Regions. It was a voyage full of hardships as Momina, and her daughter were wounded in a crossfire during their escape. Since July 24, Momina, her husband, and their eight children have been temporarily sheltered at a camp for Internally Displaced People (IDPs). The center, located in a school compound in Biki town, houses more than 2,800 internally displaced people, most unaccompanied children and women struggling to sustain life in a confined school classroom.

We caught up with Momina in Biki town of the Somali Region during a cash distribution that Save the Children provided to conflict-induced IDPs residing in the camps.

Momina's story in her own words (quotes):

My name is Momina. It had been almost two months since we came to Biki town. We fled our hometown of Gebre Issie due to the interethnic conflict that broke out there. Now I live here in this school compound with my husband and our eight children. So far, we have survived through the local community's food assistance. However, we received food supply assistance from the government last week. The food distribution included 25kg of Macaroni, 25kg rice, 25kg sugar, and three liters of oil. This distribution has given us relief from our current issues. We no longer have to worry about survival issues for a while.

Save the Children Stuff registering Momina and other IDP's for cash distribution

Furthermore, we also have received a cash amount of 7,800 Birr ($181) from Save the Children. It was such a relief to have some money because I had nothing to cook despite the availability of food supplies. I plan to purchase kitchen utensils such as a cooking pot, plate, and bucket. The cash provision will also ease our financial burden and enable us to meet other basic household needs.

The urgency for better shelter is still an issue. We live in small classrooms that are too small and poorly furnished for our family often. We were also told that schools would start post-COVID-19 lockdown. We don't have any other place to relocate, and the time to find a proper shelter is quickly running out.

These days, I pray for one thing. I wish for peace to prevail so that our children and all of us can live happy and healthy life.