“Little Sun”: How PAGES Project is helping girls in Afar do better at school

Friday 30 December 2016

Hassna Mohammed is 13- year-old student in the seventh grade living in a remote village. She goes to school at Semsem Primary School in Afar Region, Ethiopia. Hassna has three sisters and a brother. Save the Children’s PAGES project provided Hassna with a solar lamp that helped her to study and do homework at night.

“The solar lamp has helped me a lot” she said. “I am now able to read and do my homework at night.  I am also able to guide my sheep and goats to their barn in the dark when it is night time. The lamp has also helped me with household chores which used to be difficult to carry out.”

“I like going to school every day and I want to go further with my education”, continued Hassna.  “For future, I want to become a great teacher.  I want to help children particularly girls in Afar who do not have access to education”

So far, Save the Children has reached close to 500 school children with the distribution of the solar lamps across all the eight intervention districts of the Afar region.